The Ruby Prince's decree that opened the ancient tombs and burial sites of Osirion to explorers has created economic booms in every area where it has been enacted. Adventurers, scholars, and members of the Pathfinder Society have come from every area of the Inner Sea for a chance at the antiquities being unearthed. The church of Pharasma holds a lottery allowing visitors to delve into the necropolis, and you have gained the Crocodile's blessing to explore its tombs.

But some secrets should stay buried. You never know when the wrong artifact will fall into dangerous hands and awaken an ancient evil.

Adventurers, please check out the Rulebook, to go over the rules and check out the new stuff that is in store for us on this new campaign. The game began on December 30th, 2017.

PACG: Mummy's Mask

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