PACG: Mummy's Mask

Cross the Pharaoh's Land - Part 1

Session #1

The group met for their first adventure with new characters. The starting lineup was:
Toby – Ezren
Roz – Yoon
Scott – Alahazra
Matt – Drelm
Chris – Zadim
Steve – Mavaro

First up, All That Glitters Begets Gold

Yoon started off the action with a turn 1 location closure before anyone had a chance to blink. This was quickly followed by Ezren exploring a few times and finding a Construct henchmen of his own. Sadly his spells were too powerful and blew the construct into tiny pieces so no extra items could be pieced together from the ruin. He kept the location open so him and Mavaro could clean out all the boons before moving on.

Turns continued back to Yoon when she moved to a new location, explored a few times and then closed that location out. That’s two locations down by Yoon and nothing for everyone else. The others had better pickup their game!

Zadim found his own Mining Construct to disassemble but there was a slight miscalculation and the construct managed to best Zadim, for now. Drelm had a similiar issue of his own on his turn and the Mining Construct torn through his brand new Croc armor. Sad times.

Eventually Alahazra stumbled upon her Cure and helped get Drelm back on his feet. Drelm followed suit and used his Cure on Ezren. We eventually closed out every location and cornered the Bonecrusher Master. Drelm made quick work of him without breaking a sweat.

After a quick trip to the Bazaar the party regrouped and decided to press on to A Sandstorm of Malevolent Will.

Yoon was snickering about something but was very vague on what it was. Something to do with Dust storms and brownies, I think. Anyways Ezren started off by digging really deep into his first location and exhausting nearly half of his deck. Turn 1 and someone is already asking for a Cure. That’s the Wizard for you.

Things seemed to be going quite well. After a few rounds we had closed out nearly half the locations when the first Sandstorm was reveled and it wasn’t really to bad. But shortly thereafter we hit 2 in a row and they really started to get annoying. So many sandstorms caused some short-term memory loss of my own and we all soon found ourselves running short on time.

Thankfully everyone managed to focus on the task at hand and Ezren, Mavaro and Yoon were all able to close the last remaining locations and set up Zadim with the OVERKILL on the Villan. As we all regrouped the real luck struck when our friend, and trader, Falsin Deek turned over not one but two Cure’s for trade. Drelm and Alahazra were very happy to see that.

I checked my inventory and found myself out of energy so I stumbled out into the cold night looking for a warm bed.


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